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The Ultimate Network Blueprint is a special program that walks you through a unique process to purpose-build your business network from the ground up.


Build your best network

Follow the Blueprint to build real relationships and watch your ultimate network propel you to your destination. Make it purposeful, understandable and fun and it will carry you forward for life.

Uncover your personal brand

Know who you are, how you are perceived and influence the way people talk about you when you are not around.  Build a brand that generates consistent, qualified referrals effortlessly.

Change your world

Know where you are going and who can help you get there. Understand how to build collaborative networks and who to surround yourself with. We are the sum of those around us. Period.

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I’m loving your Networking course. Such valuable information. The program has highlighted areas I’m working on now to further improve and develop. I really enjoyed the Master Plan lesson and the workbook is incredibly powerful for developing a successful networking strategy. Debra Sinclair

Director, Liquid Mango Consulting Pty Ltd

Make courageous connections

Networking can be a scary word. Often the mere thought of having to converse with total strangers creates feelings of fear, unworthiness, dread and the general cringe factor. However, it is clear to just about everyone that networking is vital for career and business success, both from an individual and company perspective.

So, we know we must do it, but give us any excuse and we will make sure we don’t have time. Give us anywhere else to be and we’ll make sure we are there instead. We get that, we live it, but we have found ways to integrate networking in such a way that it becomes second nature, easy and, dare we say it, enjoyable!

Not only that, we have systems and processes that ensure you are building networks the right way, with the right people and with clarity and confidence. Drive your future by strategically connecting with people who can get you to where you want to go and understand exactly who you are and where you want to go in the first place.

“The Networking course is making me re-think what I know about relationships. Kim’s passion and authenticity can be felt in every module of the course making it so easy and engaging to keep up with the material. The content is very clear, the slides are simple and to the point. The workbooks are a perfect tool to take the theory to the practical world and get hands on with what’s being presented. Thanks for the effort on putting it all together in such an attractive way.”

Felipe Jara

Leadership Consultant, People for Success Pty Ltd

“So glad you’re finally doing a mentor program, Kim! Can’t think of anyone better qualified. Recognised expertise? Tick. Stellar track-record? Tick. Focus on connection not contacts? Tick. But what’s so great about you as a mentor is who you are as a person. Huge integrity, warmth and generosity mixed with ballsy pragmatism and a wicked sense of humour. Awesome combination. Love working with you!” Mo Fox

Director, Studio Thinking Pty Ltd

“Relationships are key in life… It’s all about who you know! I was very fortunate to meet Kim McGuinness through her networking and mentoring work and it has been a blessing to receive her guidance. She has incredible experience, deep knowledge and a true passion for helping people connect, learn and share. I truly admire her authenticity, genuine care for others and ambition. She knows how to nurture her relationships and she guides others to do the same. With Kim’s support, I have grown a strong and reliable network which has become a source of personal and professional development. I’m very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend her work through Networking Mentor.” Kim Larochelle

General Manager, The Helmsman Project

About your mentor

About your mentor

Kim McGuinness

I love watching people. As a qualified marketer and someone addicted to brain research, I am fascinated and curious about people and what makes them tick. I am also fascinated by the cues and triggers that create true friendship and mutual respect.

I spent over 20 years running business networks, events and mentoring programs and, since I sold my previous business Network Central, have been mentoring others how to build extraordinary networks and personal brands that take them places. The Ultimate Network Blueprint is the result of this work and my own experience and is a tested system that will purpose build your network from the ground up without driving you nuts in the process.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about me and don’t forget to connect!

READY TO Build your own ultimate network?

Imagine the difference to your life with a few more clients each month or that promotion you have always wanted. What would that be worth to you?

phase one – develop your personal brand

Module one - the basics of branding
Understand the fundamentals of branding and why it is important. We look at what what makes up your brand equity and how to ensure you are sending the right message. Always.
Module two - who are you and what do you stand for?
Understand where you fit in the world and what your strengths are. Understand how others see you and how to research what they really think so that you can become the best version of yourself. We discuss transparency and authenticity in a way that you are always in your zone and moving forward. What makes you happy? Have you given this much thought in the context of the rest of your life? Understand your key drivers is a critical part of building your personal brand in an authentic way. Understand what your values are, your value ladder and the profound impact your values can have on your personal brand.
module three - Build your brand
In this module we discuss your vision, your mission and your personal brand statement. This is the module where you begin to craft your true brand that you can put forward to the world. You will learn how to capture brand builders, create your reputation and enlist the help of others to showcase your brand in the right way. We go through your traits, attributes, strengths, competencies and weaknesses to build a comprehensive and robust brand that will stand the test of time. Learn how to understand your brand so that everything you do from here on in is consistent, tracks your story, and builds brand assets that are useful and add bricks to your wall of fame.

phase two – build your ultimate network

Module one - the basics
Understand the fundamentals of networking. We look at what results you can expect to see, why you should network and the difference between men and women, introvert, extrovert etc. Understand the process of building rapport and trust and put it into practice easily. Find your groove and never be hesitant to meet new people ever again.
Module two - Set up and strategy
Understand the need for strategy and how to implement one. Create your unique offer and build a launch pad that will catapult you into the market you desire. You will finish this module with a purpose built Master Plan Blueprint that builds your future foundation and is written especially for you.
module three - your assets
Who do you already know? Understand the strength of your existing network and revitalise it with some serious mojo. Analyse where your connections fit, identify network hubs and identify referral partners. Understand and build your reputation and integrity profile and drive your future instead being a passive participant.
Module four - leverage and momentum

This module is all about expansion. Back up your face so the rest of the relationship flows. You will understand the concept of exponential growth and how to make it happen for you. Your network simply must have momentum to be sustainable and to grow the way you want it to. Never lose a contact again (unless you want to) and consistently and confidently build your reputation. Develop your own strategies and tactics that truly set you apart from others and allow you to be top of mind for that next incredible opportunity.

mentoring and progress tracking

work in progress
Weekly Work in Progress (WIP) updates for the duration of the program to keep you on track and provide a clear checklist of what to do so you don’t fall behind.
group mentoring
Weekly mentoring sessions to help you through the next module, answer questions and provide help and feedback. Ask anything you want in the live session and watch a recording if you miss it.
personal support
Personal support available anytime through our Help Desk. Answers within 24 hours. Receive technical help, feedback, suggestions on who to connect with and general help.

READY TO Build your own ultimate network?

Imagine the difference to your life with a few more clients each month or that promotion you have always wanted. What would that be worth to you?

“Hi Kim, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and advice. I thought I was quite a natural networker, but your tips & advice have made me look at networking in a completely different light.”

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