Find Me a Mentor

A mentor-matching service

Mentor Central (previously Network Central) have been running structured mentor programs for over ten years.  Through that time we have built an impressive database of excellent mentors. We also keep up to date on formal mentoring programs that are run within industry groups, business associations and networks and through private organisations.

Whilst we have moved on from the structured programs, we have many excellent mentors in our orbit.  If we do not have the ideal mentor for you already we will help you find one that suits your needs perfectly.

The matching service is provided for $197+GST. Please note, this is purely an introduction service – mentors will charge for their time and these discussions are to be had with the mentor directly.  You are not obliged to accept any offer.

We will interview you, research your unique situation and provide a report listing three possible mentors, along with (if applicable) a suggestion of a formal industry or privately run mentoring program that may be suitable for you, with an indication of price for each.  We will send the initial introduction email on your behalf or you can contact directly. If we believe there is a better mentor for you who is not on our books, we will approach them directly and assess their availability for mentoring prior to submitting your report (without disclosing your name).

We look forward to finding the perfect mentor for you!



My mentor was great, not only was he knowledgable he was also adaptable and able to tailor information to the context I was raising and focused on Mentee

I am continuously amazed by the quality of the mentees and their willingness and openness to learn Mentor

I was so happy and impressed with the program that I feel like something has happened to me and that it has changed me and my life. Mentee

I have been a mentee and now a mentor and I really enjoyed giving back. I can now also absolutely understand why everyone says you learn as much as your mentee Mentor