Personal Brand Mentor (Online Course)

$397.00 inc. GST

An 8 module course designed to walk you through the branding process for Brand You.  Learn what drives you and how to harness that information to create a solid and trusted personal brand.  Branding is not self-promotion.  It is not networking.  It is the essence of who you are and what you offer. It is what business colleagues and friends think about when they think of you. Your personal brand allows you to share knowledge, earn trust, be known for the right reasons, go with your strengths and highlight your natural personality.

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Your personal brand is important.  Your reputation relies on it.  It can make the difference when being selected for an opportunity or when being referred by others.  A strong personal brand can shutterstock_93994012linger long after you’ve left the room.  A strong personal brand embeds you in the minds of those you meet.  A strong personal brand makes you memorable.

A personal brand is the perception or emotion maintained by someone other than you that describes their experience of having a relationship with you. Your personal brand is how others describe you when you are not there.

In this 8 module course you will be armed with the tools to:

  • Understand the basics of branding and how it applies to you.
  • Delve into your offering and discover what really drives you and how to harness it to get you there faster.
  • Use a proven step by step process to create your own powerful brand and signature style.
  • Learn how to communicate your brand with confidence and authenticity.
  • Leverage your brand for personal success.
  • Utilise your networks to build your personal brand
  • Create a consistent online and offline personal brand
  • Learn how to influence how others see you and be known for the right reasons.

This course is an excellent precursor to the online course Networking Mentor


Each module has 4-10 video lessons with pdf transcripts and related worksheets that lead you on your own journey to build the most effective network possible.

Understand the fundamentals of branding and why it is important.  We look at what what makes up your brand equity and how to ensure you are sending the right message.  Always.

Understand where you fit in the world and what your strengths are.  Understand how others see you and how to research what they really think so that you can become the best version of yourself.  We discuss transparency and authenticity in a way that you are always in your zone and moving forward.

What makes you happy?  Have you given this much thought in the context of the rest of your life?  Understand your key drivers is a critical part of building your personal brand in an authentic way.  Understand what your value are, your value ladder and the profound impact your values can have on your personal brand.

In this module we discuss your vision, your mission and your personal brand statement.  This is the module where you begin to craft your true brand that you can put forward to the world.  You will learn how to capture brand builders, create your reputation and enlist the help of others to showcase your brand in the right way.

When did you last Google yourself?  Did you like what you saw?  Could it be improved? Learn how to modify or create your digital story so that your clients, business partners and even your future grandkids see you in the light you intended!  Understand social media and how to put forward a multi-faceted personality that is perfect for each individual domain.  Understand the different voices required for each platform that all combine into one powerful brand message.

In this module we go through your traits, attributes, strengths, competencies and weaknesses to build a comprehensive and robust brand that will stand the test of time.  Learn how to understand your brand so that everything you do from here on in is consistent with your brand and congruent with your strengths.  Be your best self, always.

Module 7 is all about inner strength and outside packaging.  We discuss inner strength and courage, integrity and integrity markers along with reinforcement of your values.  How we package our inner wisdom is important too.  It takes less than 30 seconds to create a first impression!  We’ll look at style, image and colours and how you present to those who matter.

Give your brand a boost through appropriate networks and social media avenues. In this module we discuss what is available currently and how you can truly live your brand within the office walls or the wider community.  We discuss how to track your story and build brand assets that are useful and add bricks to your wall of fame.

Bonus interviews with both experts on Brand Building and those with strong personal brands for you to learn from.

We are so confident that this course will build a powerful personal brand for you that we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. Do the available modules, send us your worksheets and if you do not feel your personal brand has improved as a result then we will refund your entire investment. No questions asked!