Networking Mentor (Online Course)

$397.00 inc. GST

Much, much more than just a course on how to exchange business cards, this course will take you through a process to figure out where you are going, design the road map to get there, and give you the tools to create a purpose-built network that will serve you in the best way possible for the rest of your life. This course will change the way you think about business networks (and personal ones for that matter!)

Your network is currency. It is quite often the defining factor between candidates in line for hire or promotion and is, without doubt, the success multiplier in your day to day work. Your network is a constant source of news, opportunities, mentors and learning. Networking Mentor helps you organise, rebuild and expand your network so that it is valuable and maintained within the time constraints of a very busy working life.

Learn valuable skills and give your network the opportunity to work for you.  The course runs over 8 weeks (8 modules) and provides manageable lessons with worksheets that can be done daily, weekly or as required. Support is available every day. Transcripts of video lessons are also provided.  Scroll down for more info.






Like it or not, perceived influence is a major factor, not only in business, in getting people to listen to you and value what you are saying.  Build your network now, the right way, so that it is ready and responsive when you need it.  Imagine having a strong, supportive and generous referral and advice network on tap?  What difference would just one extra client or one promotion mean for you?  Can you afford NOT to invest in your network?

More than just a course on how to exchange business cards, this course will take you through a process to figure out where you are going, design the road map to get there, and the tools to create a purpose-built network that will serve you in the best way possible for the rest of your life.  This course will change the way you think about business networks (and personal ones for that matter!)

Learn how to:

  • Build your network from scratch, the right way and designed for you
  • Map your network and learn ways to keep track of it for many years to come
  • Understand how to create a connection in the first 5 minutes and make meeting people easy whether within your company or externally.
  • Learn how to nurture your network for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand how to create effective business relationships
  • Stop leaving opportunities on the table and increase your influence
  • Build your LinkedIn profile and social media presence to serve you in the best way possible
  • Understand how to market on LinkedIn.  This module alone is worth more than the total investment in this course!
  • Develop a solid Master Plan that aligns your network with your goals and provides a step by step path for achievement
  • Learn how to catapult your status and influence with a purpose built network.

These strategies will set your network up in ways that will only support your career going forward and is based on years of experience and research. You will be able to build a workable action plan that consistently and calmly builds your network in the way that works for you and your career or business whilst creating solid connections and friendships that make all the difference.

This 8 module online course will guide you step by step to build a strategic, functional and supportive business network.


Each module has 4-10 video lessons with pdf transcripts and related worksheets that lead you on your own journey to build the most effective network possible.

Understand the fundamentals of networking.  We look at what results you can expect to see, why you should network and the difference between men and women, introvert, extrovert etc.  Understand the process of building rapport and trust and put it into practice easily. Find your groove and never be hesitant to meet new people ever again.

Understand the need for strategy and how to implement one.  Create your unique offer and build a launch pad that will catapult you into the market you desire.  You will finish this module with a purpose built Master Plan that your future foundation and written especially for you.

Who do you already know?  Understand the strength of your existing network and revitalise it with some serious mojo.  Analyse where your connections fit, identify network hubs and identify referral partners. Understand and build your reputation and integrity profile and drive your future instead being a passive participant.

This module is all about expansion.  Back up your face so the rest of the relationship flows.  Join us as we discuss group networking and how to put them together effectively for the best results.  You will understand the concept of exponential growth and how to make it happen for you.  Referral marketing is a major part of this module

In this module we explore the value of conversation and how to be a conversation superstar.  Learn how to ensure there is always stimulating conversation and never again be the victim of the one word response. Learn where you should be, what events you should attend, if any, and whilst you’re there, become the master of networking events, parties and meetings so that your interactions support your intentions.  Every time. Understand how to become embedded in a network quickly and how to maximise return on investment with every membership.  In addition, learn etiquette and productivity rules such as how to enter and leave conversations, how to read people, how to progress past the event and when you do, who pays for coffee? How often should you catch up?  When should you catch up?  How can you free yourself from endless unproductive coffee catch ups and make them valuable?

In this module we discuss your online brand and how others see you.  You are who Google says you are so let’s make sure they are seeing your best side!  Understand the minefield of social media and use it to your advantage rather than be sucked in to the bottomless pit of likes.  We spend a large portion of this module on LinkedIn and I guarantee you that after this module you will never look at LinkedIn in the same way again.  You will be a VIP at the 24/7 LinkedIn networking party where you are the star attraction.  We also go through other online networks such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit and Pinterest and show you how to build a following with purpose that fits with your objectives.  In the final lesson we discuss the Google Slap and how you can avoid it – it’s a lot more damaging than you can imagine and it’s not what you think…

Module 7 contains vital training about network longevity and momentum.  Your network simply must have momentum to be sustainable and to grow the way you want it to.  Never lose a contact again (unless you want to) and consistently and confidently build your reputation.  Develop your own strategies and tactics that truly set you apart from others and allow you to top of mind for that next incredible opportunity.

We all get busy.  Really busy.  Life is moving along at a pace that is unrecognisable to that of years gone by.  Something has to give and a solid and simple system can do wonders to ensure that thing is not your sanity! In this module we share the tools, apps and processes that can make life soooo much easier and will grow your network almost on autopilot! Never wonder where your next client or promotion is coming from and put procedures in place to make sure your pipeline is covered.


We are so confident that this course will transform your business network that we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. Do the available modules, send us your worksheets and if you do not feel your network has improved as a result then we will refund your entire investment. No questions asked!