Mentor Matching

$110.00 inc. GST

A mentor matching service



Mentor Central (previously Network Central) have been running structured mentor programs for ten years. Through that time we have built an impressive database of excellent mentors.

Whilst we have moved on from the structured programs, we have many excellent mentors in our orbit. If we do not have the ideal mentor for you already we will help you find one that suits your needs perfectly.
The matching service is provided for free with the purchase of any of our online courses* or separately for $110 (including GST).

Please note, this is purely an introduction service – mentors will charge for their time and these discussions are to be had with the mentor directly. You are not obliged to accept any offer.

We will privide a report listing three possible mentors with an indication of price for each. We will send the initial introduction email on your behalf or you can contact directly.

We look forward to finding the perfect mentor for you!


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