So Who Are We and Why Do We Care?

We have been connecting people for 16 years and running mentor programs for ten

Mentor Central is an organisation focused on bringing the best out in you.  We know, and see regularly, innate brilliance in people that sometimes they don’t see themselves until it is too late.  We do this through face to face mentoring programs, self-driven online skill-building programs, personal mentoring, and reports, interviews and articles about what is working for others, mentors advice and current trends.

Mentor Central (Originally named Network Central) was created as a peer network for myself 16 years ago. As a mid-level manager in a mid-large organisation I was great at what I was employed to do but no-one taught me how to be a leader or how to manage people. That training was simply “on the job”!  I also found that learning from others experience and creating networks was the quickest way to learn, advance and grow.  In a previous role I had plenty of experience producing training programs and networking opportunities for business owners and CEO’s of mid sized companies. I decided to put this experience, along with my thirst for information, and mentors, to work.  The result was an event named The Businesswomen’s Breakfast Series which launched in February 1999. Since then Network Central provided a home for this event (and other events and programs) and consistently delivered one of Australia’s most genuine networking and learning experiences. Women (and men) in management, and corporate consultants, met, networked and exchanged information in a civilised, soulful and connected way. The discussions that were created as a result contributed to lasting change with guests and their colleagues. Sometimes for years afterwards.

Our mentor program has been running since 2007 and has maintained an outstanding reputation and success rate.  The six month program currently runs in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.  Members have consistently achieved beyond their expectations and have benefited immensely from having an external mentor.  Our mentors are supported and trained throughout the program and certainly maximise this wonderful growth opportunity for themselves and their mentees.  Our mentee/mentor group become connected and create a power network throughout the program and beyond.

Our online courses have been created in response to feedback from our training courses and workshops.  All content has been tested and improved in a live environment and each course is, and will be, of an exceptionally high standard.  We have a number of courses currently in production and some already available so watch this space!

In February 2015 the events division of Network Central was acquired by Women’s Agenda (a subsidiary of Private Media Pty Ltd). This allows us to focus on our Mentoring program and other valuable online programs. We continue to support Women’s Agenda as they continue with our stellar event program to a national audience.  Our mentor programs and community of exceptional mentors, along with a suite of online programs, are now located here, at Mentor Central.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. I look forward to meeting you. profilekim1

Best regards

Kim McGuinness, Managing Director

Kim McGuinness
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