How much further could you go with a mentor?

Just about every great businessperson credits a mentor as a critical contributor to their success.

Mentors can take many forms. It may be a specific person matched to your requirements, an online course that delivers what you need, words of wisdom through interviews with mentors or an article that delivered just the right idea at the perfect time.

Come in and we’ll find a mentor for you!


Mentor ProgramOnline Courses


Join a structured 6 month mentoring program in Sydney or Melbourne. Our mentor programs run each year and allow you to be paired with a personal mentor within a larger group and support structure. Join as a mentee or mentor and be part of something bigger.


Take an online course to study at your own pace but definitely not alone.  All students are supported with access to advisors via email and monthly Q & A webinars to answer specific questions.


We’ve had the opportunity to meet some exceptional thought leaders over the years who have created many “lightbulb moments” for us and our community. Watch and learn as we catch up with them on video and have a few of your own.

Definitely, it’s a brilliant program and I am so thankful that Mentor Central run it. My mentor was very good and didn’t just ‘tell’ me an answer, he made me really think about what was driving certain responses and behaviours. That level of understanding of yourself is what helps you to make changes at a fundamental level. He also shared a lot about his own experiences, which I really appreciated. My mentor really put things into perspective. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I REALLY REALLY wish I’d done it sooner!!

Program Mentee

It was a great experience. It gave me an insight into a different person and organisation as an objective observer, as opposed to mentoring colleagues/employees where I am part of the same events. It was good to learn some new skills (see above), and it was satisfying to help the mentee.

Program Mentor